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The establishment of Vijay Maharaj Lawyers has its origin over 35 years ago. the legal practice was initially established by Vijay Maharaj under the name and style of Maharaj & Associates in 1982.

Before the establishment of the practice, Maharaj worked as a Crown Counsel at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for approximately two years. Following his resignation from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and after a short stint as a solicitor with the renowned law firm of Vijaya Parmanadam & Associates he eventually opened his own practice.

The law practice had a rapid expansion in terms of number of clientele over the years. The firm initially concentrated in the area of criminal practice but soon branched out into other areas of law because of public demand.

In 1993 the firm was renamed Maharaj Chandra & Associates, with the addition of Mr. Suresh Chandra into the firm. Mr. Chandra was a former Registrar of titles in Fiji and a senior legal officer at the office of the Attorney General. He came with considerable experience in civil matters including corporate and land matters.

About 14 years ago Mr. Suresh Chandra became the sole proprietor with the trading name of MC Lawyers.

In August 2020 Vijay Maharaj commenced his own practice once again but on this occasion under the name of Vijay Maharaj Lawyers.


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A Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Fiji. 

Mr. Kushagra Lachman graduated from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP) in 2023. He was admitted to the Bar in October 2023.

Before joining Vijay Maharaj Lawyers in 2023, Mr. Lachman gained experience at R. Patel Lawyers as a Legal Intern and at the same time served as a Senior Peer Mentor at the University of the South Pacific between 2021 and 2023, where he facilitated weekly group sessions aimed at enhancing mentees comprehension of the organizational resources, policies, and procedures.

Mr. Lachman is involved in various areas of practice involving Family Law, Wills and Estate, Torts, Personal Injury, Conveyancing and Civil and Commercial Litigation in general.



Senior Counsel BA(Hons) Barrister At Law

Commissioner for Oaths Notary Public
B.A(Hons). G. Inst. M
Barrister, Inner Temple(U.K)

63 Marks Street, 3rd Floor,
Deoji Building, Suva

Postal Address:
G. P.O Box 951
Suva, Fiji Islands

Phone: (679) 3312822 / 3312983/ 3312337

Fax: (679) 3301822


Vijay practised as a Barrister and also as a Solicitor in U.K from 1977 until mid of 1979.

He was appointed as a Crown Counsel in The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in Fiji from 1979 to 1981 and prosecuted criminal cases ranging from murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, fraud and larceny.

In December 1981 he resigned as Crown Counsel and joined a private law firm namely, Vijaya Parmanandan & Company in Fiji as a Criminal Defence Lawyer.

In November 1982 he opened his own law firm in Suva, Fiji under the Name & Style of Maharaj & Associates.


During the period between 1982 and 2012 carried out varied legal works, namely;

  • appearing as Counsel before a Royal Commission of Inquiry in Fiji presided by Sir John White (1984) as Legal Counsel for Australian researcher, Rosemarie Gallispie.
  • appearing as Counsel before Public Service Appeals Board and also before Industrial Tribunals.
  • conducted various civil and criminal trials.
  • Appointed as a Sole Disciplinary Tribunal by Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority in 2007
  • considering submissions, writing rulings and handing down decisions on disciplinary matters.

Positions held by Vijay:

    • Chairperson of FRCA Appeals Board from 2007 – 2011.
    • A Board Director of Land Transport Authority since May, 2008
    • A Former Director of the Water Authority of Fiji since 2011 to 2021
    • Former Chairman of LTA from 2015 to May 2020


Director / Principal Lawyer


Manager / Accounts


Law Clerk/ Secretary


LAW Clerk


Receptionist / Dispatch Clerk

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